WATCH: Joy Ventures’ Wellbeing Academy Events 1 & 2

July 7, 2020

Watch part I & II of the Wellbeing Academy, our event series bringing together thought leaders from our international science and tech communities to share the latest groundbreaking research and innovation transforming the future of human wellbeing.🧠🧘‍♀️

Part 1

Expert speakers: Prof. Pattie Maes, Professor of Media, Arts & Science, MIT: “Augmenting Cognition;” Dr. Ayelet Landau, Assistant Professor, Hebrew University; PI of the Brain Attention and Time Laboratory: “Brain Rhythms and Attention”

Part 2

Expert speakers: Prof. Manos Tsarkiris, Professor of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London, “Being with a (deep) body in mind: Science, Technology, Society;” Prof. Hossam Haick, Full Professor, Technion, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, “Disease Detection without a Needle”

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