We are proud of all of our past and present grantees who are advancing promising research and technology directions.


Wearable interoceptive technologies

Daniele Di Lernia, PhD, University of the Sacred Heart of Milan

Countering the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation: Using a sleep-inducing neuromodulation device to improve physicians’ empathy and decision making

Anat Perry, Shoham Choshen-Hillel, PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Alex Gileles-Hillel, MD. Hadassah Medical Center

Facilitating mindfulness training with ultrasonic neuromodulation

Joseph “Jay” Sanguinetti, John JB Allen, PhD, University of Arizona

Dyadic neurofeedback: Driving neuro-wellness through empathy

Prof. Simone Shamay-Tsoory, Dr. Ben Strauber, University of Haifa

The psychophysical lab: An interdisciplinary approach to wellbeing

Prof. Ohad Nachtomy, Technion Institute of Technology; Prof. Moshe Bar, Bar-Ilan University

Overcoming Habits by Stimulating the Brain’s Gaze Control Network

Dr. Uri Hertz, Yafit Gabay & Shai Gabay, University of Haifa

The caring project; Identifying factors underlying the benefits of emotional support provision for the supporter

Dr. Reout Arbel, Noga Cohen & Tomer Sagi, University Of Haifa

Revealing maladaptive thought dynamics in real life with neural decoding

Dr. Eran Eldar, Isaac Fradkin, PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Dr. Noam Schneck, Columbia University


Towards emotion psychophysics: Ratio-scales of experienced emotion intensity

Prof. Nachshon Meiran

Ben Gurion University

Bright beginnings – morning light interventions for the long-term augmentation of psychological well-being and social clock realignment in young adults, a proof-of-concept study

Dr. Maria Korman

Ariel University

Measuring and influencing mind-body interactions

Prof. Ehud Ahissar

Weizmann Institute of Science

I see how you feel: Classification of emotional states using thermal imaging and video magnification

Prof. Yitzhak Yitzhaky, Dr. Michael Gilead

Ben Gurion University

A Tailor d Mindfulness-based Training Environment using an Automatic Facial Expressions Identification and Neurofeedback

Prof. Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus, Prof. Ron Kimmel

Technion Institute of Technology

Reappraisal or absorption? Neural correlates of two emotion regulation strategies in response to complex emotional events and their influence on momentary well-being.

Dr. David Anaki

Bar Ilan University

Facilitating real-time emotion regulation using data-driven, dynamic haptic textures

Prof. Maya Tamir, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, & Ms. Maya Shechter, Bezalel

a priori identification of stress vulnerability in natural settings: towards preventative medicine

Dr. Roee Admon

Haifa University

Surprise and Engagement: What multimodal data can tell us about positive emotions while interacting with VR’s visual and tactile stimuli”

Dr. Ilana Dubovi

Tel Aviv University

Improved stress coping using just-in-time mental preparedness exercises

Dr. Ran Gilad-Bachrach

Tel Aviv University

Towards neurobiologically informed automatic emotion sensing

Mr. Itamar Jalon

Tel Aviv University

Optimization of computerized CBT interventions for improving self-esteem and well-being through Theta EEG Neurofeedback

Prof. Daniel A. Levy, Prof. Guy Doron & Dr. Limor Shtoots

Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Body-based closed-loop system to detect, assess, and prevent interoceptive dysfunctions during emotional processing

Felix Schoeller & Pattie Maes, MIT; Roy Salomon, Bar Ilan University


The nasal cycle: a novel indicator and regulator of mood and cognition

Noam Sobel

The Weizmann Institute

Autonomous sensing patch for non-invasive and real-time evaluation of stress

Hossam Haick

Technion Institute of Technology

Dopamine wearable self-fueled sweat biosensor

Lital Alfonta & Rafael Shikler

Ben Gurion University

Bridging the gap between body, mind and emotion- elucidating the representations of brain maps in the brain’s self-referential networks

Amir Amedi

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The contribution of exploration and uncertainty to ‘normal’ anxiety and well-being: a neural-circuits approach

Rony Paz

Weizmann Institute

Deconstructing the heart-brain coherence protocol: emotions and cardiac activity

Yael Yaniv & Assaf Schuster

Technion Institute of Technology

Eye to eye: identification and remediation of social-communication deficits using eye movements

Yoni Pertzov, Hillel Aviezer & Shlomo Israel

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Neuronal mechanisms underlying creativity in the human brain

Rafi Malach

Weizmann Institute

Remote sensing of negative mood tendencies and enhancing resilience in the general population: advanced computational models, novel behavioral tasks, eye-tracking, virtual reality and physiological measures

Tom Schonberg, Jonathan Berant & Aya Meltzer-Asscher

Tel Aviv University

Neuromarkers for emotional resilience and vulnerability to sleep deprivation

Oren Shriki

Ben Gurion University

Individual differences in rhythmic cognition: a key to optimal experience

Ayelet Landau

Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Reward system activity using NF – Develop a new strategy to activate reward system activity using NF. Then, we will examine how such brain modulation affects the immune response

Profs. Asya Rolls & Talma Hendler

Technion Instiute of Technology, Tel Aviv University

Perfect architectural design for urban dwellers

Drs. Dafna Fisher-Gewirtzman, Shamay-Tsoory S., Peled-Avron L. & Chen E

Technion Institute of Technology

Towards Reliable Monitoring and Machine Induced Regulation of Stress in Every Day Life using Highly Immersive Virtual Reality

Dr. Doron Friedman

Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Examining the Effectiveness of a Mentalizing-Based Emotion Regulation Intervention in Laboratory and Ambulatory Settings

Dr. Michael Gilead

Ben Gurion University

What can the brain teach us about effective cognitive training: Using machine learning and fMRI in search of effective personalized training to improve wellbeing

Drs. Sigal Zilcha-Mano & Hadas Okon-Singer

Haifa University

Reducing of Social Anxiety – A Novel Translational Therapeutic Approach to the Reducing of Social Anxiety in Clinically and Sub-Clinically Afflicted Individuals: A Randomized Controlled Trial with Interrogation of Potential Neuromarkers of Treatment Efficacy via Gaze-Contingent Music Reward Therapy

Prof. Yair Bar Haim

Tel Aviv University

Identifying & isolating the wellbeing-promoting components of mindfulness practice

Dr. Ziv Ardi

Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

EEG-tACS closed loop technology for enhancing emotional wellbeing

Dino Levy PhD, Ori- Ossmy PhD, Tal Sela – PhD

Tel Aviv University