Venture Creation

Ideate. Create. Joy.

Through our venture creation platform, we accelerate ideas and build teams that have the potential to grow into successful startups. We also run innovation programs dedicated to sparking ideas that can be evolved into consumer products for wellbeing.

in Residence

Joy’s Entrepreneurs in Residence are tasked with launching new companies based on Joy’s consumer product ideas or their own ideas. They work to assess and validate a market need, identify key founding team members, develop an initial prototype, find early customers, and drive the venture forward upon investment by Joy.

Joy makers image


JoyMakers is our exclusive innovation sprint program dedicated to seeding the next big consumer product in wellbeing. In every cycle, Joy selects a group of passionate innovators and entrepreneurs to learn, ideate, connect and develop the most exciting innovations in wellbeing. Stay tuned for news of the next cycle.


JoyStudio is a collaboration between Joy and academic institutes. Together we create unique courses that focus on ideation and product innovation exclusively in the area of wellbeing. Selected students from various disciplines have the opportunity to develop ideas at the exciting intersection of science, technology and wellbeing.


We’ve set aside some space in our office for the JoyJungle – an immersive experience that brings together the many dimensions of the world of wellbeing that we nourish and help flourish. We invite you to experience devices and apps (some even before they are launched!), gain access to the latest research, and meet with a Joy Ventures team member. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to invent the next breakthrough product that Joy will fund and incubate!

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