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“Navigating the technologies of the future” – Interview with Nichol Bradford

Nichol Bradford recently hosted Joy Ventures CEO Avi Yaron at the “Evolution of TransTech Investing” panel at the Transformative Technologies conference in Palo Alto. We spoke with Nichol about the fascinating trends in the Transformative Technology (TransTech) arena, which is progressing at breakneck speeds.

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Cognitive empathy can be put to use to help us feel good again

Dr. Michael Gilead’s research demonstrates how cognitive empathy can be used to help us become more resilient. One of the future next step may be commercializing these findings into a consumer product – an app that will help people to deal better with stress. Dr. Gilead’s project is one of eight academic studies to have received Joy Ventures research grant.

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How Science Can Finally Help People to Lower Stress, and Feel Good

Dr. Doron Friedman is developing a scientific basis for technologies that will serve the interest of users – lowering stress and improving wellbeing. Dr. Friedman’s project is one of eight academic studies to have received a Joy Ventures’ research grant.

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