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Resetting the Body’s Clock: The Powerful Promise of Circadian Rhythm Tech

Increased screen time, sleep deprivation, shift work and indoor living – today’s modern life has been dubbed a “circadian rhythm nightmare.” But driven by an …

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Menopause: The Next Untapped Opportunity for Mental Wellbeing Tech

Thanks in large part to the rise of femtech, menopause is only just starting to get its time in the spotlight. The global population of …

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The Rise of Social Wellbeing: Three Ways Wellness Companies Can Benefit By Creating A Community Around Their Products

Over the past decade, the wellness industry has become a formidable consumer market, with 73% of Americans participating in some form of wellness activities. But if the …

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Hacking your Metabolism for Better Health & Wellbeing: Meet Lumen, the Latest Company that Brings us Joy

At Joy Ventures, we’re committed to advancing the groundbreaking science and tech of everyday joy and wellbeing – and if it has anything to do …

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Making Real Connections with Wisdo: Meet the Latest Company that Brings us Joy

At Joy, we’re committed to advancing what we believe is one of the most important emerging endeavors of humanity – improving wellbeing. This is why …

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Taking Bedtime Stories to New Dimensions: Meet Zoog, the Latest Company that Brings us Joy

In case our name didn’t give it away, at Joy, we’re passionate about tech, science, and human-centered design that helps people live life more joyfully. …

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