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It’s Time to Sleep Better: Interview with Founders of NYX, our Newest Portfolio Company

Improving sleep is one of the most well-proven paths to wellbeing. NYX Technologies uses neurotechnology to improve sleep and reduce stress. Interview with Tomer Aharonovitch and Ophir Orenstein, Co-Founders of NYX, Joy Ventures’ newest portfolio company.

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Inducing calm with the “silent music” of a heartbeat with doppel

Interview with CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Fotini Markopoulou on the inspiration for Doppel, the partnership with Joy Ventures and the difference between Silicon Valley and a human-focused approach to emotional tech products

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Hebrew university course provides insights into the rich field of neurowellness

After a successful first course in the past academic year, “Selected Topics in Neurowellness” will be offered at the Hebrew University again this year, bringing leading figures in the field to advanced degree students. Interview with Dr. Mor Nahum.

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Biofeedback on the cusp of a consumer breakthrough – interview with Dr. Yuval Oded

Biofeedback is making its way from the lab and from hospital clinics to the hands of consumers, and the potential for improving wellness is tremendous. Dr. Yuval Oded – biofeedback expert, psychologist, researcher and serial entrepreneur – talks about the coming biofeedback consumer revolution.

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Talking with Liron Nunez Weissman, our VP Portfolio Success, on the Essence of a Joy Ventures Startup

Joy Ventures’ new VP Portfolio Success Liron Nunez Weissman on how the Joy Ventures team chooses projects and teams, and how Joy helps its portfolio companies cross the chasm.

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Putting Our Minds to Innovating Emotional Wellbeing – Joy Ventures Track at HIT Kicks Off

Israel’s Holon Institute of Technology is conducting a special track in its industrial design degree with Joy Ventures, with students developing product ideas for emotional wellbeing.

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