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Exciting new frontiers have been identified in the quest to enable individuals to live longer and healthier lives. We initiate and fund neuroscience research and technology development to advance this important endeavor.

The Joy Grant

Joy Ventures aims to facilitate the creation of a joint, inter-disciplinary, collaborative ecosystem between academia and industry. Our long term goal is to leverage the latest advancements in neuroscience, technology and related fields towards the creation of life-changing solutions for human health & wellbeing.

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Neurowellness is at the center of an academic course offered now for the second year at the Hebrew University. The course, “Special topics in Neurowellness”, headed by Dr. Mor Nahum, hosts a variety of visiting lecturers and provides an overview of the most recent advances in the field. The course consists of units covering affect and emotion regulation, sleep, brain plasticity and applicative aspects.

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