People. Passion. Joy.

Our team shares a commitment to advancing what we believe is one of the most important emerging endeavors of humanity – improving wellbeing. We believe that the vastness of the opportunities requires a singular investment and collaboration focus.

The Story of Joy

Today’s complex world and our intense lifestyles create stress, anxiety and other challenges that can affect our wellbeing. 

At Joy Ventures, our mission is to counterbalance those challenges by advancing the science of everyday joy.

We work with the world’s most talented scientists and entrepreneurs to evolve their ideas into products that will help us all live more joyfully.

Joy Ventures was founded by Corundum Open Innovation in 2017.

Our Unique Model

We are working to advance the nascent category of science-backed consumer products for wellbeing.  Something that aspirational and complex requires the best minds in the world.   

This starts with fostering an interdisciplinary innovation community, all the way to funding research, and launching and growing new ventures.

Here’s how we do it:

Four Things to Know About Us

  We’re different

We’ve built a new kind of venture model – we invest, we incubate, we fund research, we bring people together and let ideas fly in the pure oxygen of brilliance.

We’re passionate

We are relentlessly focused on just one thing: using science and technology to bring people everyday joy.

We’re experts

Our network includes world-leading academic and industry professionals in fields relevant to joy.

We’re long-distance runners

We support entrepreneurs from the very initial stages through seeing their vision come to life in consumer products.

Is Joy a Good Fit for You?

If our mission of advancing the science of everyday joy resonates with you, and you have an idea, research or prototype that you believe is right for us, take a look at these three simple questions.

If the answers are a resounding yes, we want to hear from you.

Am I working on a consumer product designed to help people lead more joyful lives or improve their wellbeing?

  Is my idea or product based on an innovative technology or a unique concept that is fully differentiated from anything in the market?

Does my idea or product have a strong scientific rationale or backing, or do I believe its benefits can be proven through research?